Karen G.

Deb is awesome!!  She has worked with me at my level (super beginner) and has taught me skills for both movement and meditation that have improved my overall well-being.

Ruthe B.

I started Pilates over 20 years ago with an incredible teacher, Sue Long, and I have been attending classes 3 times a week ever since.
Pilates keeps me physically fit, very limber, and mentally focused. I have stamina and the physical strength to do so many things, and it also keeps my body and posture looking younger than my age. I have also made many treasured friendships, which has been a life changing benefit as well. I hope to keep practicing Pilates for many years to come!

Betty T.

I have been attending classes both Mat and Reformer at Transform Pilates for over 4 years and have never felt better and stronger.
When traveling, I try to attend other studios but none compare to Transform Pilates. All the instructors are highly trained and professional in their field. The studio is extremely clean and everyone is so friendly.

Cynthia M.

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This studio is fantastic: all the instructors are extremely nice, personable, and talented; the equipment is in tip-top shape; the place is very clean and bright.  I started Pilates with no experience, prior to a shoulder replacement to strengthen the long muscles; continued after to facilitate recovery.  Now that I am back to strong I just do it for fun!  The time passes so quickly; never boring!  The mantra is NO PAIN!  WOW it is the time of day I look forward to!  Many thanks to the wonderful staff!

Tom M.

For years I had shoulder and back issues associated, I believe, with my passion for golf. Seven years ago, my wife gave me a Christmas gift of a few sessions of Pilates, and since then I have been taking private lessons with Sue Long. I’m now approaching 70 and I’m playing pretty high caliber golf with no pain and better balance. My posture and core strength are also better than they’ve ever been. My friends are tired of hearing me extol the virtues of Pilates, so I’m delighted to have been invited to share my thoughts with others.

Maggie S.

My doctor suggested that I try Pilates to help with my back problems.  Not only did it help my back, my golf game steadily improved as I grew stronger with Pilates.  It put 20 yards on my drive!  In fact, after playing golf for almost 30 years I just had my best competitive year ever.   I thank my Pilates Instructor for that. The sparkling clean and beautiful studio at Transform Pilates is a friendly place where everyone knows your name.  I have been attending classes both mat and reformer at Transform Pilates for over 4 years and have never felt better and stronger.