MAT: Mat classes are often considered the foundation of a solid Pilates Practice. A series of well balanced movements performed on a Mat, sometimes with small props for added challenge. Focus is on breath, strength, control, precision, awareness of movement, alignment and flexibility. These fun and challenging exercises once learned can be done at home or when traveling.

BARRE: Barre classes target the entire body, and combines Pilates, dance, balance and resistance training with an added cardiovascular benefit. A series of standing arm work with light hand weights helps to develop upper body strength while small balls and resistance bands are used to enhance lower body strength and control.

REFORMER: The Reformer apparatus provides spring resistance strength training , is impact free, helps develop long, lean and flexible muscles. Alignment and postural issues are addressed. Through practice over time, chronic back, neck and joint pain decreases and energy and stamina improve.

TOWER: The Tower system combines the essential mat work with the benefits of the system of springs and bars that provide support to the body to ensure proper stabilization and positioning, while adding resistance for strengthening, toning and lengthening muscles.

EXO CHAIR: The Chair offers a varied, full body workout emphasizing balance, strengthening and control. The EXO Chair also can work with a resistance kit that adds a variety of ways to challenge strength and control.

EQUIPMENT COMBO: A class that uses a variety of apparatus in any combination of Reformer, Chair, Tower, Pilates Arc to maximize strength, stability , balance, and flexibility.

CARDIO JUMP BOARD: A fun and highly effective strength training class combines low impact cardio using the Jump Board attachment to the Reformer. Definitely gets the heart pumping and using the Pilates small props of balls, hand weights, magic circle adds variety.

TRX/REFORMER COMBO: A NEW class on our schedule. TRX ( Total Body Resistance Exercise) is a suspension strap system using body weight exercises that develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. A fun and challenging way to utilize our Pilates principles.

YOGA (ALL LEVELS): Yoga therapeutics, and Meditation


Our group classes always include a full spectrum of yoga poses that strengthens and opens all parts of the body. Additionally practice includes relaxation and the art of the breath. All classes are alignment focused which means posture improves and common aches, pains and underlying stress diminishes. In addition to group classes we offer specialty series and workshops. Check our workshop schedule for more information.


INTRO TO YOGA. Fundamentals of yoga in a small group environment. This class is perfect for those brand new to yoga or with some experience who would like a review of the basics.

MEDITATION 1-2 3 (3 week series) Hit the pause button and refresh your system in as little as 5 min a day. Discover easy, tried and true meditation practices that restore your inner harmony and health from life that can be over stimulating. Each week you’ll be introduced to different techniques that you could practice at home. Plenty of time for Q&A.

MYTH OF AGING. What keeps you feeling young? Learn smart, mindful exercises that will release stiffness, pain and stress in all areas. You’ll move with less pain and more freedom for joyful living and better sleep. Each week is dedicated to a different part of our bodies from neck and shoulders to hips and legs and everywhere in between. You’ll look and feel 10 years younger.


HIP HIP HURRAY: A WORKSHOP FOR HEALTHY HIPS. Are your hips stiff? Do your knees or ankles hurt? Do you tend to have low back pain? The hip joint is one of the largest and most versatile joints in the body. Fluidity and full range of motion in our hips brings freedom to our back, our spine, knees, ankles and addresses the ease and poise of how we walk, sit and exercise. In this workshop you will learn how to access full range of motion of the hips and take home exercises that will keep movin’ and groovin’ throughout 2019 and beyond.

FREE UP YOUR SHOULDERS AND DE-STRESS THE NECK. Tight neck muscles? Shoulder pain? Bring freedom and ease to your shoulder girdle, posture even to your arms and hands. Release chronic stress and pain by strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles and correcting common head and shoulder misalignments. Then continue the exercises at home.

RESTORATIVE YOGA. Hit the reboot button to reset your nervous system. This is a passive yoga practice using props to support the body in a variety of yoga poses.  These poses allow for the body/mind to let go and relax. Breathing, self care and relaxation techniques deepen your experience. You will leave feeling refreshed and reconnected… a little mini retreat for your well being.