Live Classes Online via Zoom

As we all adjust to this new “normal” and the disruption of our daily routines, we at Transform Pilates and Yoga are working on bringing back a little bit of our “normal” by providing online classes. We need to keep moving, helping to maintain our well-being both mind and body, and the sense of community. The studio support is appreciated as well!! 

Through the ZOOM app, you can connect with your teacher and take Pilates and Yoga in the comfort of your home. Sign ups are still on MindBody Online just as you have done previously. Once you are signed up, you will receive a link on your email prior to class which you will click on and be linked into the class. Please be sure to check your Profile on your account to assure your current email is on record. This is essential to assure you receive the sign on link to the class.
The download for Zoom is free and mat class packages will be applied to all classes. 

UPDATED ZOOM CLASS SCHEDULE                                                                                                        

Monday:           10:30 AM Beg/Int Mat Flow with Stretching ~ Beth

                        **4:30-5:00 PM “Free” 30 minute Seated chair class ~ Beth

Tuesday:          10:30 AM Beg/Int Mat Class ~ Sue

6:00 PM  Gentle Yoga Evening Flow ~ Deb

Wednesday:    10:30 AM Mat Basics/Foundations ~ Beth

4:30 PM Adv Beg/Int Mat Class ~ Beth

Thursday:        10:30 AM Radical Rest Yoga Stretches ~ Deb

                           ** 6:00 PM  Equipment Class on the Mat ~  Beth

                              ^ Theraband  and light weights needed

Friday:               10:30 AM Morning Yoga Flow ~ Deb

12:00 PM Intermediate Mat with light weights ~ Beth

Saturday:           9:00 AM   Barre Class ~ Sue

** Indicates NEW classes on the schedule starting Monday, May 11th!

NEW:  MONDAY 4:30 is a 30 minute class and is “free” and open to all Transform Pilates and Yoga clients. Seated in a chair using light weights (or soup cans) and Theraband (or a towel) for stretching and strengthening. 

NEW: THURSDAY 6:00 PM will again be using weights and bands to simulate work on the Pilates Appartus!  A Stability ball may also come into play!!

Sign up for classes are still on Mindbody Online.  Please be sure to check your Profile on your account to assure your current email is on record.  This is essential so that you receive the sign on link to the class!!